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Popular 5/5 Anti-climb Fencing

Popular 5/5 Anti-climb Mesh is a visually appealing, robust welded mesh panel ideally suited for most types of boundary and demarcation applications. The panel is reinforced with pressed 'V' beams for additonal lateral strength, the number of which are dictated by the height of the panel.

The anti-climb is achieved by using 50mm vertical wire spacing with a mix of 50mm to 200mm horizontal wires resistance welded at each intersection.

All panels of 1.8m or over are reversible offering the option of either a kick-zone or a 21mm barbed top edge for additional security.

Features and Benefits

Reversible Panels
Kick-zone or barbed top (1.8m panels or over) for extra security

Anti Climb Mesh
Made to deter intruders

Smooth Finish
No sharp spikes on the mesh

Unique Post and Fixing System
Easily and quickly erected - saving time and lablour

Visually Attractive
Available in a wide range of colours

Lateral Beams
For maximum rigidity

British Made
Fencing Panels are manufactured in the UK

"A competitively priced anti-climb fencing system manufactured from galvanised wire and polyester powder coated for longer life."


Panels are manufactured from hard drawn 5mm horizontal - 5mm vertical steel wire, resistance welded at each intersection with 50mm horizontal spacings with a combination of 50mm to 200mm spacing aling the vertical.

The panels have a barbed edge and a flush edge and can be installed with the barb at the top for safety reasons depedning upon the application.

Horizontal "V" section beams along the horizontal improve rigidity and enhance appearance.


Heights above ground
Panel Size
IPE Post Size
Number of Beams
2500w x 2030h
2900w x 2030h
2500w x 2410h
3000w x 2410h

Mesh apertures
50mm wide x 200mm high

100 x 55 AA - IPE Section

Recommended Uses

General boundary and demarcation purposes particularly leisure areas and industrial and commercial premises. A cost effective solution where there is a need for long term desirable appearance.


Siddall System
With the Siddall System the fence needs the minimum of tools and is quick and easy to fit offering significant savings in labour and time compared to traditional methods.

Panels can also be used with traditional fencing systems.

Appearance and Finish

Fencing Panels
Wire galvanised before manufacture and polyester powder coated.

Panel Style

Reversible Option
All panels of 1.8m and over have reversible option of either kick-zone or 21mm barbed top edge for additional security.

Smooth Finish

Using pre-galvanise wire means there are no sharp or dangerous spikes which can occur on a hot dip galvanised product.

Technical Advice

Siddall perimeter Systems are able to discuss any specific fencing need. Siddall are well qualified to assist in choosing and planning the appropriate type of fence to suit the customers requirements.


Siddall is able to offer a rapid delivery service throughout South Africa.


A wide range of colours available upon request.


All products from Siddall Perimeter Systems are manufactured using the highest quality methods and materials and come with a 15 year guarantee as standard.

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